Nigerian school is not to b afraid of

There is joy in the heart of any newly graduated secondary school student amidst the tears some shed. This is due to the fact that they are about to enter a new phase of life. Among these presumed phases, there lies admission into a tertiary institution.

For many applies into a tertiary institution especially the university but few are chosen due to some variables.

Unfortunately for some, they remain among the forgone alternatives for years of which I was one.
Admission for me wasn’t gotten on a platter of gold as it happened for many. Coming out of secondary school with a good WAEC result and passing JAMB was all I thought was needed until it dawned on me that admission in this part of the world needs extra sauce.
After writing WAEC in SS3, on seeing my result I was glad I passed all my necessary subjects and some others. I proceeded to registering for JAMB to gain admission into University of Nigeria Nsukka(UNN) which was one of my dream university. As it happened I had a good UTME score of 224 whereas the cut-off mark for my course of study, accounting was 200.
I registered for P-UTME, traveled to Enugu state, and wrote the exam. I saw my score days later and cried. I cried because I didn’t like the score. I was sure I couldn’t gain admission to study accounting but was going to be offered another course. I kept waiting for admission message. I checked my E-mail and SMS box everyday to confirm. After the school matriculated its newly admitted, it dawned on me that I had no chance to gain admission that year. My parents consoled me and told me it was my first so I shouldn’t bother because the next year was going to be my year. How I wish I knew that, it was the beginning of seeking what was never missing.
When I graduated I got a job. I didn’t want to be a burden to my parents. From my salary I paid to register for any exam. So, I registered the following year but this time applying to University of Ilorin ( UNILORIN). I had a UTME score of 203 and a P-UTME of 70% that year. I gathered things for school because we were (me and my parents) certain that admission would click. I was in Niger state, Nigeria when it dawned on me that admission had closed. I had high blood pressure as young as I was.
I felt Polytechnic was my destiny since University wasn’t working. I applied into MAPOLY but I couldn’t print my P-UTME form even after paying because their portal was hacked.
I applied into UNILORIN again but didn’t gain admission even with my 250 and 58%. I cried profusely. At this point I had started developing a relationship with the Holy Spirit. I was learning how to hear and speak to him. I poured my frustration on him many times. I never gave up.
I reapplied into UNILORIN again the next year but my UTME result was seized. It was never released. I was hurt because I felt I was righteous to face such a challenge. I have never for once partook in any malpractice to the point that I don’t talk. Why would my result be seized?
My parents got tired of the situation. A friend told me about an A’Level program called IJMB. I talked to God about it because I felt it was a scam. God told me it wasn’t a scam that I should register for the program. I was scared at that time because I knew my parents couldn’t afford the money but my confidence was in the fact that God said I should go. In 2016, I resigned from the school I was teaching and traveled to Ilorin, Kwara state where the IJMB program is run.
After writing the IJMB exam, I reapplied into UNILORIN through DE(Direct Entry). My friends wondered what was wrong with me but I didn’t listen because that was the school God wanted me to apply for again. My parents were scared too. On seeing my result I cried because I was expecting far higher than what I got. 9points was below my standard. I was comforted when God said he wants to show me that he is God and my score wasn’t going to determine my admission but him.
Registering for P-UTME was a challenge because I didn’t know what course to apply. God insisted that I should apply for accounting but I was scared because I needed as much as 12points for it in UNILORIN whereas I had 9points. I neglected God’s instruction and applied for IRPM(Industrial relations and personnel management). After writing the P-UTME, I had 60%. I was congratulated by many because I was more than qualified to gain admission. I applied for a course that required 6points and 50% P-UTME score to gain admission. I also gave my documents to many people that have connections though I didn’t pay because I saw that it is wrong to pay. I also prayed very well. Most of my prayer points was on admission. I wouldn’t mind if they offered me Adult Education. Guess what? I didn’t gain admission that year.
I couldn’t cry again because I was used to it. The painful part was not seeing my friends graduating but was seeing those I taught entering the University whereas their so called “Uncle Prince” was still hoping. It was a trying period for me. I made up my mind that I wasn’t going to school again. As much as I said I wasn’t going to cry again. Tears flowed at will. The toilet was my regular spot. I’d be there for hours crying.
Amidst my love for God, I was angry at him. Not until he single handedly showered and spread his love in my heart that I was to weak to be angry with him.
In 2018 I came to the end of myself. I was ready to carry out his instructions amidst the fear that may exist. It took me time to apply because I was still fighting the course God wanted me to apply. I gave up on myself and followed God. I reapplied to UNILORIN through my IJMB as a DE (Direct entry) candidate. I also applied for Accounting. People requested for my information so that they can help but God refused. I didn’t prepare or read for any P-UTME.  I wrote the exam and checked my result in the evening. I had 86%. I smiled. I heard God say ” I did this”. I didn’t pray for admission again. Whenever the thought came I’d just thank God for the admission.

First list was released and updated weekly in October but my portal still showed “you have not been offered admission…”. At some point I was bothered but I was confident in God because during one of my personal time, God instructed I penned my admission experience in my journal. On December 1, 2018 a friend called me and said “Congratulations Prince, you’ve been offered admission into UNILORIN to study Accounting “. I couldn’t cry, all I could do was to shout in my compound. I was so confused on how to express my gratitude to God that I left my room and started walking on the streets of Ilorin laughing like a mad man. I got admitted after applying for UNN once, and UNILORIN six times
At the end of it all, I was moved from 200L Accounting Dept to 200L Marketing Dept. When I asked God why he told me to enjoy my new department because that’s where he needs me to be. All he wanted was to show me that Accounting was possible. He only needs my obedience. Glory

Most times, all that’s needed is to follow God’s instructions blindly. Don’t think for God, don’t calculate for God. He is God all by himself. His promises are true.

Admission might not be your case, but whatever it is, God is ever faithful.



Some men are just used to sucking the breast of a woman

Look at what a pastor was caught doing

The Founder and leader of Heaven’s Gate Ministry Prophet Kumchacha has thrown shots at men who refuse to support their wives in doing domestic chores.
Speaking on Utv, the controversial man of God Lamented that some men have the mentality that their responsibility is giving money to their wives and nothing el
He revealed that some husband’s are so selfish to the extent that they can’t even help their wives clean up the mess when their own children defecate on themselves.
He hilariously added that some men are just interested in sucking the breast of their wives which even belongs to their children.
“Those men are careless, feeding their own kids when the wife is not around is even a problem. What they are good at is sex”. He said in twi.
He therefore described such men as “Wicked”
He concluded that the main reason why children celebrate their mothers in grand style is not because they love to discriminate, but rather, it’s as a result of the characters of the fathers of today.